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First tokenized RWA vault to offer 24/7, direct access to U.S. Treasury Bills.

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TBILL Token: DeFi-ning the standard for tokenized Treasuries

Token Price$1.0277891.92%View contract30 Jun6 Sep12 Nov1.0336651.0272041.0207441.0142831.0078231W1M6MYTD1YMAXBalance20,000.00USDCMAX100,000.00Rate1 USDC ≈ 0.999308 TBILLTBILL99,834.85DEPOSITAllowance100,000.00 USDCEstimated fees0 USDCDeposit WithdrawTBILL VAULTLast update: 5 mins agoTotal Value Locked$Price Per TBILL Token$Estimated APY%DashboardMy PortfolioResourcesTransparency0x19...E514

More Compliant

Second-highest possible rating for an independent audit conducted by one of the Big Four accounting firms. TBILL token issuer is also a regulated entity under BVI.

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More Transparency

Token subscription, issuance, and redemption are all executed on-chain, while proof-of-reserves and attestations by independent parties provide maximum transparency.

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More DeFi

Gain exposure to U.S. Treasuries without the constraints of U.S. trading hours. TBILL token holders enjoy 24/7instant subscription, thanks to smart contracts.


More Composable

TBILL tokens are ERC-20 and freely transferable across whitelisted wallets. Developers who want to build new primitives using TBILL tokens are welcome to reach out to us. 

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The OpenEden $TBILL token adresses the opportunity cost of holding stablecoins by offering risk-free yield on chain. OpenEden's transparent and regulatory-compliant approach, coupled with a user-friendly UI/UX instils confidence in users. I look forward to seeing the team build new use cases with $TBILL as financial lego for DeFi.


Temasek-owned web3 VC

Made for DAO treasuries, crypto funds, and DeFi users

Current Yield
More than 4%
Credit Rating
Earn real-time yield
Full Transparency

Low Default Risk

Instant Settlement

No Stablecoin Exposure

No Banks Exposure

TBILL tokens are audited, transparent, and verifiable

Like you, we live by “don’t trust, verify”. Which is why we launched the market’s first proof-of-reserves that combines off-chain and on-chain auditability. Here is how we open the books.

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Daily NAV Reports

Our Fund NAV reports are published daily at the end of each business day.

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Big Four Accounting Firm Audit

Independent audit completed by Ernst and Young and received second highest rating.

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Smart Contract Audits

Our smart contracts are audited by multiple auditors to minimise the risks of security vulnerabilities and hacks.

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Moody’s Awards Investment-Grade “A” Rating to OpenEden’s Tokenized T-Bills

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*Weighted average yield to maturity (gross) of the Vault's U.S. Treasury Bills portfolio.

Hill Lights International Ltd ("HLI", the token issuer) is a professional fund established under the British Virgin Islands Securities and Investment Business Act 2010. The Vault is developed by OpenEden Labs, which is a financial technology company and not a regulated entity, depository, bank, or credit union.

The information contained in this website is not intended to solicit you to purchase any financial product directly from us. TBILL tokens are NOT offered by us or by any affiliated entity of ours directly to the public and will only be offered by our affiliated entity to Professional Investors ("PI"). Under the British Virgin Islands Securities and Investment Business Act, a PI is a person whose ordinary business involves the acquisition or disposal of property of the same kind as the property of the fund, or a person who has signed a declaration that he or she, whether individually or jointly, has a net worth in excess of US$1,000,000, and that he or she consents to be treated as a PI. TBILL tokens have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 or with any securities compliance-first authority of any State or other jurisdiction of the U.S. You will only be able to purchase TBILL tokens from us if you qualify as a PI. Should you wish to redeem TBILL tokens, then you would need to onboard as a PI and undergo the necessary KYC/AML screening.

HLI does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice, nor does it broker trades on your behalf. You should consult your legal or tax professional regarding your specific situation. HLI may provide educational information on digital tokens, including those not supported by HLI. Information may include but is not limited to, blog posts, articles, links to third-party content, news feeds, tutorials, and videos. The information provided on OpenEden’s platform or any third-party sites does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the content as such.

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